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Ruatiti Highland Fold

"Highlands in Miniature" Little Cattle
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Ruatiti Highland Fold is proud to be involved in the restoration and breeding of an ancient breed, Scottish Highlands

No taller that 42 inches at 3 years of age, often called Little Cattle, a study by the British Royal Navy theorizes that prior to the early 1800's, Highlands were no larger than today’s miniatures. Highland cattle are believed to be the oldest registered breed, dating back to 1884.

Image1This ancient breed is indeed, "History with a Future"

Farming more to the acre than standard bred highlands, miniatures are the perfect animal for any sized property.

Referred to by some as Little Cattle, these delightful, genteel animals have a place in everyone’s heart.

An even tempered, naturally disease resistant breed, today’s miniatures are more multipurpose than they have ever been during their long existence.

Whether for pleasure or investment, miniature highlands are a sight to behold.

Extremely rare globally, demand for these rare beauties exceeds supply.

Ruatiti Highlands will assist in the development of a breeding program with all who enter the miniature market.

Consider entering this exciting restoration program by using your existing highland cattle and mating them to a miniature highland bull.

Semen, Embryo's and live animals available for export. Lease incalf cows available to selected breeders.

Sold out from the 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008 breeding season, Ruatiti Highlands has a very limited number of miniatures available for 2009.

Spread payment options to suit your budget, visiting Cow program and Artificial Inseminations are a few of the client services Ruatiti Highlands offers to its clients.
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May the saddest day of your future, be no worse than the happiest day of your past
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Simply put, "There is no equivalent"

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